Kingsway High & Prep. School Express Thanks to God on their 80th Founders' Day Celebration

Kingsway High & Prep. School Express Thanks to God on their 80th Founders' Day Celebration

January 19, 2023 / Posted by Phillip Castell, East Jamaica Conference

It was a proud moment on the grounds of the Kingsway High School  when students, teachers and  administrators of the institution gathered   to launch the school’s 80th Founders' Day Celebration  under the theme,  ‘The King’s Way is Best.’  


Students reflected on past educators through drama and song and were inspired by guest speaker, Pastor Samuel Lewis, an alumnus of the school, whose three children also attended the institution.  A new sign with the five core values of the school was also unveiled as part of the special activities to mark the occasion.

Pastor Lewis  thanked God for the vision and leadership of those who started  Kingsway Prep and High school and mentioned Pastor Walters and Ms. Eva Williams who he recalled with fond memories. “ I thank God for their vision and constant blessings to the school as we would not have become what we are today if it weren't for them.”


Lewis shared that life was difficult for him when he was a student but through the help of God and determination, he was able to finish school then move on to West Indies College, now Northern Caribbean University, where he completed his Theology degree.


“ I want to give God praises and thanks for this institution, Kingsway, because this is where I started.  I am happy for  what it has done in my life,” he added.

Dr. Meric Walker, board chairman of the Kingsway High School spoke highly of the impact the school has  been making  across the Jamaican landscape  and invited   people in the society to continue to give support to this institution of learning.    


“The board is very proud and I am very thankful to God and to the constituency for supporting Kingsway financially and otherwise for over 80 years,”  Walker said  as he reflected on the progress the school has made over the years.. “The foundation is set and this generation and all the stakeholders out there,  if you want to make an input in building the values of Jamaica land we love,  Kingsway is the right way.”


The board chairman was  optimistic about the future  and expressed the view that brighter days are ahead for the school.


“Congratulations to  Kingsway, the board and the leadership. We are committed and we look for brighter days and better days ahead as we   make disciples of our students.”

Education director for East Jamaica Conference, Dr. Donna Brown acknowledge the historical significance of the school  which continues to make positive impacts on the lives of many after all these years.


“This is indeed an historical moment for us today on the grounds of the Kingsway high and Proprietary School. Eighty years of existence  is not ordinary, it is indeed a time of Celebration and praise because indeed God has been faithful to us.”


Dr. Brown  acknowledge the impact the school has made in the field of education and noted that “ this noble institution has produced great men and women who today are out there in society contributing to the growth and development of not only Jamaica but the world.”


It was obvious that Brown, who has been education director at EJC for thirteen years and  is a former teacher of Kingsway High School, was proud of the strides the institution has made over the years.


“I am indeed honored and privileged to be a part of the team today that is continuing the work of those who have come before us and behind us and purposing with one determination to make the Kingsway the best way. May we continue to do all that we can, with the little that we have, to promote Adventist Christian education.”

Principal of Kingsway High and Preparatory School, Alethia Wailliams  was thankful to God for his leading and   acknowledged  the role of her staff and alumnus when she gave her reflections on the wonderful institution that she leads.


 “We just want to say thank you to our hard working dedicated staff, our supportive alumnus and  our parents who have been helping us to grow  and build Kingsway,” Williams said  in an interview on the school compound.


“During the pandemic Covid-19, many private schools closed their doors but thanks be to God Kingsway is alive and well. As we celebrate 80 years of existence, Let us thank God for the wonderful work he has been doing here at the Kingsway High and Preparatory School,” said Williams.  “Please pray for us as we work hard to mold young minds to be good citizens of this world but also as you prepare their hearts to meet Jesus when he comes.”

At the end of the service, which was held in the Kencot church, the children were taken outside where  a sign with the school’s core values of Love, Justice, Integrity, excellence and discipleship was unveiled by  Mrs. Essence Monroe Douglas and Mrs. Sharon Campbell-Lazurus  who donated  the sign to the school.

Original story posted by East Jamaica Conference.