Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Our students will:


  • Learn to know God, His character and His purpose for their lives through the study of the Bible, nature and the writings of Ellen G. White within a school environment that fosters a high spiritual tone.
  • Acquire knowledge of, and love for God as the Creator, the source of all life, and of Jesus Christ and his redemptive power through experiences of faith, prayer and obedience to God


  • Develop the ideals of true Christian courtesy, exhibiting purity, nobility and beauty of character, thereby fostering strong will power to resist evil and harmful practices.
  • Develop an appreciation for the elevating and the beautiful, as revealed in nature, the sciences and the arts.
  • Learn from administration and faculty members who are role models of Christian character and who can enter into their students’ experiences.


  • Accept as a citizen’s first duty, obedience to establish civil laws when these do not conflict with the principles of God’s expressed will.
  • Recognize their self-worth as members of the family of God, and actively participate in its fellowship.


  • Acquire the skills and knowledge essential for academic success.
  • Learn the value of the dignity of labour in character development, thereby proficiency in manual skills appropriate to the students’ level, to aid them in becoming economically independent.
  • Acquire training in the development of recreational activities that foster bodily vigour, elevate the mind, enrich the soul and encourage good human relationships.

Our Values

Teachers and students will subscribe to the values that characterize the school.

  • Love - We love God and others whole-heartedly, just like Jesus loved us.
  • Justice - We are fair to everyone and are reasonable in our treatment of others.
  • Integrity - We think and do what is right at all times, no matter the consequences.
  • Excellence - We strive to surpass ordinary standards and exceed expectations.
  • Discipleship - We build the Kingdom of God by preparing students who will be of service to God and humankind

The Kingsway Graduate

Each student at graduation will be:

  1. A true disciple of Christ
  2. Academically and vocationally sound
  3. Committed to a holistic lifestyle
  4. A world citizen committed to social justice
  5. Relentlessly pursuing excellence in all endeavours